About Us

Super Gloss – The World’s Best Cleaner-Glossant Protectant

Super Gloss is a clear liquid poly-siloxane protective glass like finish which simultaneously provides (A) incredible cleaning, (B) super smoothing (polishing) of any surface to which it is applied (C) a beautiful, slick, glossy, long-lasting, protective finish that will never flake, peel or yellow with age. It is a beautiful protective finish for the home, vehicles and other painted or hard surface objects.

Super Gloss was developed by a former chemistry teacher whose extraordinary products, hi-tech performance and benefits have created high volume sales throughout the world. Super Gloss provides long term protection by bonding a high quality chemical to a special sun shield ingredient which becomes bonded into and onto the surface to which it is applied and provides a brilliant hard silky smooth, high gloss with a highly pleasing luster. Over three million bottles have been sold in the U.S. and foreign countries. Super Gloss was a military favorite in all the Armed Forces during the ’70?s, ’80?s and ’90?s and sold into more than 150 bases.

Super Gloss – Over 3 million bottles sold!


Used by the Military, Fire Departments, Motor Pools, Transportation Departments, Civil Engineering Division, Maintenance Departments, Golf Courses

  • Super Gloss Provides Unbelievable Gloss and Beauty
  • Incredible Cleaning – Removes Soap, Wax, Oxidized Paint, Water Spots, Scum, Indelible Ink and Minor Blemishes.
  • Boats and Aircraft Travel Faster and Use Less Fuel
  • Super Gloss is Extremely Durable
  • Super Gloss Offers Protection – Oxidation, Acid Rain, Salt Spray
  • Super Gloss Leaves Everything Much Easier to Clean!


Shipping Methods

Super Gloss uses the following methods to ship: UPS, FedEX, and USPS.

We ship to the continental United States.

Shipping time frame is within 72 hours.