What People Are Saying

Just a note, to let you know that we and our customers love Super Gloss Wax. It goes on easy and comes off easy leaving the finish bright and clean. It does an excellent job in taking off old oxidization. Thank You.
Roland M.  –  Parts Manager Kingfisher,OK

We are an Implement dealer, and for waxing Tractors and Combines, we haven’t found a better product in 20+ years of use!
Rick A.  –  Redfield, SD

The Super Gloss Polish is the best polish I have found. I use it for polishing ceramic header and exhaust coatings and it brightens the ceramic up to chrome looking finish and helps protect the surface against oils and other abrasive chemicals, I would suggest Super Gloss Polish to anyone looking for the best polish on the market today. They not only shine the parts but help protect them as well.
Steve Davis – The Powder Coating Shop – Gilbert, AZ

Super Gloss is great for farmers and their ‘toys’. Super Gloss leaves their equipment looking top of the line when they go out to the fields.
Audrey D  –  Marion, Ohio

Super Gloss put the best and longest lasting shine on my car and truck than I have ever had. Tried it on the shower walls with unbelievable results.  Super Gloss is a SUPER product.
Steve V P  – Manager  Gilbert, AZ

The final word on Super Gloss – Protection with a finish. It is the finest polish for chrome and aluminum – wheels – stacks – tanks – air cleaners – you name it!!! You want it to shine and you want the shine to last, you want Super Gloss.  Every truck owner and driver needs a bottle of Super Gloss in every truck. As a former truck owner, I know.
Joe G.  – Phoenix, AZ

I have been in the fire service in Arizona for over 17 years. Our trucks get a film baked into the paint from the extreme hot temperatures. We have tried most of the products on the market but none have worked. I tried a bottle of Super Gloss and to my amazement, it took the grime right off with very little effort. It’s now the only product I will ever use.
Stan D. – Gilbert, AZ


Letters from our Customers


Dear Mr. Bosch:

It was really great to get to talk to you today, and I am so happy that today’s Super Gloss is the original formula that I bought from its inventor, Mr. Gray so many years ago.

I am so happy that I have reestablished contact with Super Gloss! Thirty eight years after buying my first bottle, I still remember the phenomenal results that it had on my new and old cars, back in the ’80’s. I still remember the happiness Super Gloss enabled me to deliver to my customers by reviving their old, faded car finishes, making them look almost new again!

Anyone who wants to have their car or truck shine with a silky smooth shine for a year after application needs Super Gloss…nothing else compares.

Back in 1980 I bought one bottle of Super Gloss and put it on my car, then I sold the remaining contents of that bottle by putting it on 2 other people’s cars. After that I used the money I made to order multiple bottles and kept selling it at retail and wholesale and still getting paid handsomely for applying it to cars, airplanes, and motorhomes. It was what I call a business in a bottle that I was able to start for the price of one bottle of the best car polish that money can buy…Super Gloss.

All the best to you,
Bob Carpenter – Clinton, AR