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Supergloss For AutosSuper Gloss cleans, protects, and restores your car to a “Like New” finish. Read more about what Super Gloss can do for your car. read more..

Home Use

super gloss home useSuper Gloss is great for cleaning showers, tubs, appliances, counters, mirrors, and many other uses around your house. read more..

Farm Equipment

Super Gloss for farm useSuper Gloss is great for your farming equipment. The use of Super Gloss can help protect your investment from all the elements!  read more..


Super gloss for boatsSuper Gloss is great for giving your boat a new shine and protection.  The damage the sun can do to your boat Super Gloss can restore. read more..


airplane-iconSuper Gloss is great for providing an excellent finish for aircraft and helicopters. Many of our customers use Super Gloss to protect their plane. read more..

18 Wheelers

Super Gloss for 18 wheelerSuper Gloss is even popular with the Big Rig owners, the use of Super Gloss can shine and protect your mobile investment.  read more..

Other Uses

super gloss for jewelrySuper Gloss is great for many other uses too, such as giving your jewelry that new shine or even shining up your golf clubs.  read more..



super gloss warrantySuper Gloss is guaranteed to shine and protect surfaces with substance. Our goal is to make sure all of our customers are happy. Check out our warranty.  read more..


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contact-usContact Us for all your questions. Super Gloss is guaranteed to shine and protect surfaces with substance. Our goal is to make sure all of our customers are happy. read more..

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“Just a note, to let you know that we and our customers love Super Gloss Wax. It goes on easy and comes off easy leaving the finish bright and clean. It does an excellent job in taking off old oxidization. Thank You.”

“We are an Implement dealer, and for waxing Tractors and Combines, we haven’t found a better product in 20+ years of use!”

“The Super Gloss Polish is the best polish I have found. I use it for polishing ceramic header and exhaust coatings and it brightens the ceramic up to chrome looking finish and helps protect the surface against oils and other abrasive chemicals, I would suggest Super Gloss Polish to anyone looking for the best polish on the market today. They not only shine the parts but help protect them as well.”

“Super Gloss is great for farmers and their ‘toys’. Super Gloss leaves their equipment looking top of the line when they go out to the fields.”

“Super Gloss put the best and longest lasting shine on my car and truck than I have ever had. Tried it on the shower walls with unbelievable results.  Super Gloss is a SUPER product.”

“The final word on Super Gloss – Protection with a finish. It is the finest polish for chrome and aluminum – wheels – stacks – tanks – air cleaners – you name it!!! You want it to shine and you want the shine to last, you want Super Gloss.  Every truck owner and driver needs a bottle of Super Gloss in every truck. As a former truck owner, I know.”

“I have been in the fire service in Arizona for over 17 years. Our trucks get a film baked into the paint from the extreme hot temperatures. We have tried most of the products on the market but none have worked. I tried a bottle of Super Gloss and to my amazement, it took the grime right off with very little effort. It’s now the only product I will ever use.”

How To Hand-Polish A Vehicle

30 Jun
How To Hand-Polish A Vehicle

Hand-polishing a car can be one of the top methods in creating the shine you want. A machine polisher could scratch or damage the car’s finish if not careful, unlike the smoother technique of polishing with a soft towel. Ensure your vehicle is thoroughly washed and dried Select your chosen foam or microfiber applicator pad […]