Super Gloss 16 oz.


Product # SGAA-16

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Multi-purpose for vehicles, RV’s, buses, boats, planes and for the home. A military favorite.
Product Stock Number: SGAA16, Easy, 1 step polish and sealant for a beautiful Poly-siloxane “Glass” Finish

The bottle may come with either a label with cars on it or a tractor and big rig. The contents inside the bottle are the same, just a different label.

Lifetime Warranty

Super Gloss is guaranteed to shine and protect, when applied to good original
paint it will not damage the painted surface to which it is applied. It will not crack , peel or yellow. It can be easily removed by rubbing compound or Dupont’s Prep Sol. Renewal is once or twice a year depending on conditions. Purchaser must return 50% of contents to vendor with sales receipt within 30 days for full refund. Must be protected from freezing temperatures and Super Gloss will not be liable for damage of bottle or product.