Super Gloss for Automotive Use

CLEANS: Bugs, grease, carbon, tar and will be easier to re-wash or keep clean.
RESTORES: Removes oxidized paint, minor blemishes, cleans headlamps and will cover up light swirls and scratch marks.super gloss Car Truck Bottle
GLOSSES: Provides long term, deep luster shine up to one year depending on condition.
PROTECTS: Helps protect new finishes from sun rays, rust, salt, acid rain, anti-freeze, battery acid, bird droppings and most farm chemicals

How to Guide


Shake well and apply with a terry cloth towel in circular motion.
Let dry for 15 to 30 minutes, wipe or buff with a soft cotton cloth or buffer.
Use polishing cloth on Clearcoat finishes.
Do not apply on hot dirty surface.
Do not use red grease rags.

Note: On difficult oxidized  surfaces remove while wet or use a rubbing compound and apply a second coat. Metallic paint may be a problem to restore.