Protecting Your Investment

 Super Gloss is the ultimate polish for protecting your investments.super gloss farm

It can be used on farm equipment and it will help to protect your equipment from the elements it faces daily on the farm.

Super Gloss is even great for your utility vehicles.

Cleans: bugs, grease, carbon, tar and other tough stains.

 Restores: Oxidized paint, minor blemishes

 Protects: New finishes from sun-rays, rust, salt, acid rain, antifreeze, battery acid, bird droppings and most farm chemicals

 Glosses: Provides long term deep luster shine


How to Guide


Shake well and apply with a terry cloth towel in circular motion.
Let dry for 15 to 30 minutes, wipe or buff with a soft cotton cloth or buffer.
Use polishing cloth on Clearcoat finishes.
Do not apply on hot dirty surface.
Do not use red grease rags.

Note: On difficult oxidized  surfaces remove while wet or use a rubbing compound and apply a second coat. Metallic paint may be a problem to restore.