Home Use

Super Gloss use around the house

Showers, Sinks & Spas: Super Gloss will remove soap and other unsightly film from the shower, tile, doors and even your spa.bottle-case

Fixtures & Hand Rails: Super Gloss is wonderful for all fixtures including chrome, bronze, copper and brass. Surfaces protected with Super Gloss can be kept beautiful, shiny and free of water spots, finger marks, spills, dust, etc. and with MUCH LESS time and effort with nothing more than infrequent cleaning with the use of a slightly damp cloth.

Appliances & Counters: Super Gloss is a real winner with granite tile and excellent for use on your appliances, counter tops, tile, painted woodwork, etc.

Mirrors and Windows: Super Gloss easily wipes away fingerprints and dust and produces a shiny silky smooth, and much easier to clean finish.

Solar Panels: Super Gloss can clean and protect your solar panels.

A Golfer’s Dream: Super Gloss will make your golf cart and golf clubs sparkle and removes blemishes and marks.