Other Uses

Other Uses for Super Gloss

Super Gloss is a clear liquid poly-siloxane that provides a long lasting shine and protective finish that will never flake, peel or yellow with age. Great for showers, sinks and spas. Cleans and polishes chrome, bronze and copper surfaces.

Do you have a drawer full of dull tarnished jewelry? Try Super Gloss to give it that looks like new shine.

Check out what super gloss can do to spent shell casings.

Insert 1/2 to 1 ounce of super gloss into a tumbler consisting of walnut chips and ‘spent’ shell casings produces brass casings to superglosslook like gold after 4 hours of tumbling. In another photo You will see the center brass casing after it was ‘cleaned’ compared to the unspent casing. The combination of heat with the super gloss liquid brings results like cleaning a smoked surface to an unbelievable finish. The casings look like jewels or gold. Just another feature of the qualities of the most incredible cleaner. Order your bottle today for your satisfaction.

Gun lovers – Super Gloss is the finest cleaner/polish for guns.  Also excellent to use in tumblers to clean spent cartridges.

Brass/Copper Cleaner – It cleans as well as remove the oxidation from the metal bringing an excellent shine to the surface.

Knife Cleaner – Damascus knives love super gloss.  It prevents rusting on the surface.  Super Gloss ii not FDA approved but prior to use,  wipe with a damp cloth.  You will be amazed how the treatment prevents and saves the knife.

Helicopter Cleaner – Keep the fleet looking at its best.  Use Super Gloss and see the difference.

Window Cleaner – Housewives found out that putting  Super Gloss on the window panes improves the finish.  It gets so slick that it does not gather dust!