I have just seen the results of your Super Gloss wax on two (2) different vehicles. One was applied by a 68-year-old woman, to a Buick sedan in one-half hour, achieving a finish we couldn't believe. The other was on a van with an equally satisfactory finish. It has stimulated enough interest that I was asked to contact you for information.


I'm asking for all the information you can furnish on your product. Some of the questions we asked as follows:

Where can we purchase super gloss?

How much does it cost?

Can it be used for fiberglass boat finishes?

Can it be used on any painted surface?

How long can we expect the wax to hold up?

If the finish is oxidized, is there a cleaner to be used prior to the super gloss wax?


I appreciate any help you can furnish with the thought of creating numerous new customers for your product.



James C. Ball

Employment Supervisor

Fisher Body Division

General Motors Corporation

Hello Mr. Bosch-


Not sure if  you remember me or not-but I met you 4 years ago at the DFW Sheraton as your server in the restaurant. I was working part time to earn some extra money and you ate there with your daughter if I recall while you were attending a trade show in the area.  I enjoyed visiting with you and I did buy a bottle of the super gloss and I have used it a couple times and I still have it. I am just not one of those people that get "into" my car looking all super shiny. I just take it through the car wash and be done and hope it's clean enough.  So it was nothing personal not using it a lot, I am just not into cleaning my car like a lot of folks are or maybe it's a guy thing too but I wanted to at least try it out.  It did make my car look super great it was just so much work for ME. lol


 But The reason I contacted you was I was cleaning out my email box and came across our messages that I never deleted and wanted to reach out to you to let you know that you did make an influence on me with your work ethic when we chatted. I love to work and I hear so many people talk about "retiring"  some day or one day and that isn't even in my realm of concept. I just love to work and find it enjoyable and  I'm always looking for the next  opportunity. Although both my grandparents did not live as long as you, they both got part time jobs when they retired and were working up until they passed away so I always tell people I am just like them,when I "retire" from my main job I plan on finding something else as I feel like it keeps you active and your mind young.  Now I tell people I met this really nice man a few years back that has had 3 careers in life, still working at 90 years old and  going like a young person. So in an essence you are sort of a hero to me because I hope to live as long as you have and still be working and enjoying life WHILE working.  I wanted to let you know that you have made an impact on me that I will carry on into my older years. SO when others are sitting back doing nothing in their old age I will still be out there moving and grooving! lol



 I wanted to catch up with you as well. Things have changed since we met. I wound up going back into pharmaceutical sales landed a great job with major pharmaceutical company. It's such a great job and I couldn't be more blessed. But my work desire reaches WAY beyond that. Shortly after we met, I left that particular Dallas hotel. I followed a manager to another hotel in the area as she needed a weekend bartender. Knowing I had never bartended before, I had no desire really to do it but I did it anyway, however she said she needed someone dependable so she would train me, and for two years I worked weekends, learning and working as a bartender. I made much more money than I did as a server but I got really tired of not having weekends open, so I felt it was time to leave. But because I did like it and I like the extra money of course, I have found an event company that does weddings on the weekends and corporate events. I don't work all the time as I did before but its enough to keep me happy and I make really good money at it and it doesn't take up all my time like the other bartender job did. I  just simply tell people it's "my paid hobby". lol  I don't really need the work or extra money as I have a great job that pays well. BUT it's so easy and fun who wouldn't want to do it 3-4 times a month. So it has really worked out.  But often times I think of you and what my next big career will  be or what kind of job I can land when I get older that will keep me happy. So I'm always looking to the future and lot of that is because of you and your positive work spirit.


 Well that's all for now. I hope you are doing well. Would love to hear how things are for you.



Dear Mr. Bosch:


It was really great to get to talk to you today, and I am so happy that today's Super Gloss is the original formula that I bought from its inventor, Mr. Gray so many years ago.


I am so happy that I have reestablished contact with Super Gloss! Thirty eight years after buying my first bottle, I still remember the phenomenal results that it had on my new and old cars, back in the '80's. I still remember the happiness Super Gloss enabled me to deliver to my customers by reviving their old, faded car finishes, making them look almost new again!


Anyone who wants to have their car or truck shine with a silky smooth shine for a year after application needs Super Gloss...nothing else compares.


Back in 1980 I bought one bottle of Super Gloss and put it on my car, then I sold the remaining contents of that bottle by putting it on 2 other people's cars. After that I used the money I made to order multiple bottles and kept selling it at retail and wholesale and still getting paid handsomely for applying it to cars, airplanes, and motorhomes. It was what I call a business in a bottle that I was able to start for the price of one bottle of the best car polish that money can buy...Super Gloss.


All the best to you,

Susan Carpenter - Clinton, AR



DNB Distributors, Inc.

2398 East Camelback Road, Suite 260

Phoenix, Arizona 85016


DNB Distributors, Inc.

2398 East Camelback Road, Suite 260

Phoenix, Arizona 85016


DNB Distributors Inc.

2398 East Camelback Road, Suite 260

Phoenix, Arizona 85016