I am Grandpa Bosch.  I’m excited to share with you the secret of Super Gloss!  For almost 40 years, it’s been making everything in my life brighter, literally.  It has often been exclaimed, “THE WORLD’S BEST POLISH ON THE MARKET!”  Spectacular results are often produced by REMOVING OXIDIZED PAINT and restoring color, gloss, and beauty!


Grandpa Bosch’s Super Gloss Polish is a universal polish, cleanser and protectant that is easy to apply and  remove from all types of surfaces such as steel, plastic, fiber glass, formica, glass windows, shower doors, tile, marble, granite, brass, aluminum, gold, and copper to name a few.   As a cleanser, Grandpa Bosch's Super Gloss can be used to remove water spots, paint overspray, tar, glue, stains, grease, oils, oxidized paint, et cetera.  As a polish and protectant, Super Gloss provides a glass-like finish while providing a clear coat finish that is durable and will remain beautiful and protective long after any wax has failed.


Try Super Gloss for yourself and experience first-hand the unique qualities of Super Gloss and recognize why Grandpa Bosch's Super Gloss Polish outshines all our competitors.  Grandpa Bosch’s Super Gloss Polish is excellent cars, trucks, cycles, boats, airplanes, combines, tractors, lawn mowers, guns, signs, appliances and a host of other items.


"I believe in Super Gloss.

That’s why I put my name on it."